About me

Who is Nastasia?

I am a Russian girl living in Moscow all of my life but leaving just as often as I can. I’ve already visited about 30 countries, some more some less, while working casually 5/9 as a design engineer.

I’m not here to say I’m yet another person that gave up everything for the sake of travel (though we know life changes fast) but to show that it is possible to keep balance between your job in a company and exploring the world step by step and try something new every time you’re on the road, to give examples how travel can help you be more aware of your life and this world around.

Most of the time my travel buddy is my boyfriend Anton as we both love photography and don’t mind changing the perspective from strictly counting the budget to spending a bit more for nights of comfort and good sleep.

As a mean of keeping my mind fresh I travel solo from time to time and that’s when surprises about myself come up. But that’s what solo travel is about – to understand yourself better, right? Plus it often provokes a lot of funny (and not so much) situations that are always interesting and may be important to share.

Talking about trying new: I gave up lazy traveling a long time ago and instead brought surfing, yoga and trekking into my life. It often happens so that the choice of next destination — not an easy one — depends on what activity is available at the place.

A bit of history

Me in Kamchatka sitting on lava stonesI grew up in a family where traveling was something obvious: my dad was master of sports in alpinism (I cannot say how much I will always be proud of him) so he spent all of his holidays climbing mountains while he could. My elder sister, brother and my mum were ‘dragged’ in all that craziness at certain times and still keep it as best memories ever! When I was old enough I was ‘dragged’ too but one hiking boot at a time. My dad started taking me on small trips. Thanks to him as a kid I knew what a real camping was with living on a seashore/forest in a tent, cooking on fire surrounded by mountains, jumping into the cold sea off the cliffs and, of course, hiking.

My very first impression of a lifetime was walking along the longest glacier in Europe without any special equipment and peering into blue endless holes in the ice, then somehow jump across one of those big cracks in the ice. Later we climbed 3600m high and witnessed an avalanche running down a slope far away. What a day it was!
But my father passed away 4 years ago and many things have happened since then: I graduated, traveled solo for a couple of months in South-East Asia, changed some jobs and became truly interested in photography to say at least.. and started sharing my thoughts and experiences online.

So..hope you’ll enjoy my stories written!