Hi! Wanna hear a story about a naked girl in my bed??

I’ve been thinking of the best way to start my blog and, you know, most of the «Your first blog post ever» helping posts suggested to start with a list of bloggers that inspired me and things like that. But it’s kind of trivial, isn’t it? I’ve decided to immediately tell you some fun stuff and made a list of stupid things that happened to me on the road and made my friends laugh whenever I tell these stories. No more extra words, press play and here we go!

  1. I went to Bali for a month for the 1st time. Actually, I went to Asia for the very 1st time. I rented a bike thinking I can handle it with one hand. It stood still for 2 days and then I asked a local girl to teach me, which she tried. Dummy me went to the narrowest street — probably in the whole world — to learn how to drive. It was ok for 10 minutes till I had to turn around a corner and stop. It was my best ‘finish’ ever, literally: I pushed gas while turning right next to a wall, smashed into it, made the girl (she sat behind me) fall down from the bike and I broke my lights. As I’ve said, it was my best finish, so I had to repeat EVERYfkTHING the smash included but this time I decided to smash the whole right part of the bike. Niiiicebike crash
  2. Bali, again. I made friends with a local family whose son was going to Tomsk (from Bali to Russian Siberia!). Two weeks later I got robbed on my way home by a toothless woman and she took away a million Rupiahs (actually, that’s less than 100$). What did this family’s father do? He gave me that money back saying he didn’t want me to think bad of their country because of such people. He actually saved me from starving later in Cambodia. And yes, he could really afford to help me that way.
  3. That one time when my friend from Singapore and I sneaked into Marina Bay Sands’ swimming pool but had to walk up 24 floors (don’t try that now though).
  4. The most unlucky sunrise hike I’ve ever had: my bf and I decided to climb up to Adam’s peak on Sri Lanka and started at 2 am. We ‘decided’ to take a wrong turn even before we reached the main gates (what kind of losers is that?). That couple of losers ended up roaming in tea fields with no lights and dogs barking at us. 4!!! hours later we realized that the peak was in a completely different place…and 1 more hour later we finally found the gates and the road. And people passing us by after going back from the top…hiking
  5. I’ve been to Morocco once. My main point was to surf — as I went to a surfing camp — and to relax. Some people there pursued only the 2nd goal and local hash helped them a bit. And, as I’m an honest storyteller here, I joined them one time for a little smoke. It just happened to be only 1 hour before my departure to the airport so I had to test my skills of speaking English after being up in smoke. Best test ever for your language and coordination skills, lol.
  6. Had too much fun on Gili Trawangan — a forever-partying island not far from Bali with no police — and sat down on a beach to have some rest.  A couple of minutes later I realized that a girl was peeing 2 meters away right behind me. I screamed and — haha — ran away!
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    7. And finally! My 3d night on Bali in my life. I was staying in a cool hostel Funky Monkey 5 minutes away from the ocean. In Kuta, where people mostly go to party 24/7 with clubs all around. I was there to surf but my roommates — no, of course. But some neighbours turned out to be too party-loving. Like this girl: late at night, she entered with her +1, both super drunk and maybe high. Next thing I realized: her bf was asleep in her bed and she was climbing up to my bed (2d level) without any panties on! Next moment she landed right next to me, hugged me and took my blanket to cover herself. I could do nothing because I was shocked but I started laughing! What blew her away? Just me angrily whispering and baring her ass till she got cold. Did I move out the very next day? Yes: too much weird fun for Nastenka!